Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Varg - Under The Roman Lash

Varg - Under The Roman Lash

I probably didn't go as crazy as I should have with all the new Ascetic House tapes but I'm happy with my haul. I haven't listened to most of what I got but I was very excited to hear this one and it didn't disappoint. Varg has put out a number of things this year, most notably an LP on Northern Electronics, which was great. This is the same industrial techno/dark ambient style but isn't as refined as that album (obviously), but for what it is I enjoy it. 3 tracks are "live electronics" and the other 3 tracks were from an improvised show. I don't know if I'd throw this on before the Ursviken album so if you like this and haven't heard that I definitely recommend checking it out.

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