Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blue Krishna - Repeat Until Death

Blue Krishna - Repeat Until Death

The best description I can give of this is it sounds like the whatever wave post punk thing that is popular now but drenched with industrial. I'm not sure if that sounds enticing but I wouldn't post it if I don't like it. This has a heavy dose of tape fuzz and you can definitely hear the differences from the sources, but I think all of this compliments the release. I believe this is one of the guys from Body Of Light from LA, but honestly I have no idea. On a side note, I'm going to see Body Of Light and a bunch of other bands at that Acestic House thing in LA in like 2 weeks, I'm excited for that. Anyways, this is still available from the label.


  1. thank you! just ordered this and some other nostivelo tapes.

    have you ripped the tollund men "dedicated to pf lacenaire" tape? i have it, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    1. I haven't received it yet. Between metallic imagery and I we'll probably post the whole batch.

    2. awsm! i have it, but been too lazy to do it yet.

      can't wait!