Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Rita & Prurient - Women Pissing

The Rita & Prurient - Women Pissing

Do I even need to write anything? The Rita provides the dense noise while Prurient does the harsh vocals. This is a great representation of both of their work. I wanted to wait to post this one to give you guys time to buy this, if you haven't I strongly recommend it. Fusty Cunt is one of the best labels releasing noise these days so buy this if you can, it's only $8 ppd, you'd be crazy not to.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bleak Existence ‎– One Step Foreward, Two Steps Back

Bleak Existence ‎– One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

WATERPOWER is a label I trust to always release high quality noise and this is no different. 40 minutes of dense electronics and noise. If you enjoyed the Vast Glory release I posted this year then this is up your alley. Limited to only 25 copies, this might be still available from Analog Worship if you're lucky.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Captive - Demo

Captive - Demo

New demo from Austin based post punk band Captive. Members of bands such as Women In Prison and Total Abuse (OMG). If you like post things then you'll love this. Gets a little choppy in the first song at one point, it goes away quickly. There are probably only a few of these left from Calico Grounds so don't miss out. CG is a great label, apparently my original order of this and the new Tollund Men got lost in the mail and he replaced them, so thank you for that.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oaken Tower

Oaken Tower - Rehersal I // Marching Thorns

After I posted the previous Beyond The Ruins release on here someone requested Oaken Tower and I never got sent the tapes from Exquisite Morbidity. Beyond The Ruins saw this comment and emailed me offering me copies of both releases. Seriously, what a great guy, thank you. He just put up some new releases on don't miss out!

I finally got to hear these releases! Very raw and straight forward black metal. I love the intro on Rehearsal I and the noise track on Marching Thorns, very nice touches. I'm glad to finally document these releases and share them with you guys since the whole thing with Exquisite Morbidity and such really hindered people from being turned onto this project. Hopefully this makes up for it. Like I said, please support Beyond The Ruins, if you enjoy this blog then you'll obviously love everything he puts out.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rita - Dark Angled Eyebrow

The Rita - Dark Angled Eyebrow

New 7" from the HNW king. Two 5 minute tracks. The 2nd track sounds like you're dying. No further explanation needed.