Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pleasure Island / Scant split

Pleasure Island / Scant split

I don't know anything about the artists on this or even the label besides he put out Oaken Tower and that was pretty cool. This is also a first for me because I emailed the person who runs the label and asked him if it was okay to post this. Anyways, both sides of this split are fantastic. Pleasure Island's side builds up to a full wall of sound and Scant's side keeps it dark ambient. Honestly I wasn't expecting much when I ordered this but I'm very glad I did. Both of these artists are ones to watch, and this label! This is now sold out but be sure to keep an eye out for future releases and order the ones he already has, one is only $3.


  1. Dawg can you rip some oaken tower

    1. I had ordered their first tape from Exquisite Morbidity but that dude just took the money and ran. I thought for sure I had another release of theirs but I can't seem to find it. I suck.