Saturday, May 18, 2013

Satanize / Vetala ‎– Extinction Victory / Decimating The Lambs

Satanize / Vetala ‎– Extinction Victory / Decimating The Lambs

Probably my favorite Cocanacopia finally gets a proper vinyl release from Portugal based label Discipline. Satanize and Vetala are both Portuguese black metal bands that have been doing great things for several years now. Satanize plays a blazing fast black metal which is pretty good, I am much more about the Vetala side though. I think Vetala is one of the better bands in black metal today and this is a prime example of why. Sloppy and extremely harsh. If you don't know Vetala I strongly suggest checking out their other releases.

Discipline as a label is doing awesome things and I suggest picking at least something from them up. I got this from Tour De Garde and I'm sure he still has copies along with other Discipline titles. Even Canada shipping still sucks though.

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  1. Great release, i was lucky to get the tape! Still waiting for a US distro to get the new Disipline releases...