Thursday, January 24, 2013

Natural Assembly - Torn From Infinity

Natural Assembly - Torn From Infinity

I am a big fan of Strange Rules. A couple weeks ago I asked a friend of mine what he thought of the label and he called them trend hoppers and that rubbed me in the wrong way (sorry to call you out friend of mine). As long as you make good music you could make electro bangers as a full time thing and I wouldn't care. Anyways, this is a solid 10 minute 7" from Strange Rules's Natural Assembly. It's that whole synth-pop, darkwave, early Cold Cave (but not as catchy), dancing thing. If any of those words sound appealing you should be into this.


  1. and that link is unfortunately dead so the file is gone.... any chance of re-upload?

    1. It works for me and a few people I've sent the link to. Are you sure it isn't on your end?