Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tollund Men

Tollund Men - Tour 2012, single

"Post-post synth pop." Very lo-fi and gritty. "Door" is the 7". The "Looking For Love" cassette has a flower in it. The tour tape has some songs that are re-recorded. Bleak Environment as a label are putting out some amazing releases, please check them out and support.

Looking For Love b/w Chains Of Desire: http://www.mediafire.com/?w9mz4b3cixmc5jf


  1. Hey, this is the Tollund Man. Thanks for the support. Just downloaded the stuff to hear the rip and figured I'd tell you that the tracks are mislabeled. The one you have labeled as "Reflections" is actually a cover of Strawberry Swithblade's "Go Away" and the one labeled "Outro" is actually "Reflections," the one labeled "Modern Man" is actually the outro, "Fire" is actually "Door," and "Door" is "Fire." The rips sound alright, but please correct the track titles.

    1. ....On the Tour Tape. Everything else seems to be labeled properly.

    2. Fixed, let me know if that is the order. That's actually what I hate about this blog the most, that I possibly have other mislabels on rips that change the artist intentions slightly that go unnoticed, so thank you for correcting me. These are amazing releases that deserved to be heard.

    3. Also, I'd appreciate it if you took down the 7" rip as they are still for sale.

  2. thanks for the rips! great job